Olive Oil
Casale della Ioria
In the hinterland of the Lazio region, south of Rome, there is a hilly area called Ciociaria.

It is an ideal habitat for vines and olive trees, which have been planted since the time of the Roman Empire.
Casale della Ioria
In this territory historical events and a special microclimate have inhibited the contamination of a native ampelographic heritage leaving us a variety of antique vines.
The estate Casale della Ioria, is located in the heart of the production area of the red wine Cesanese del Piglio d.o.c.g. (a controlled and guaranteed original denomination).
The vineyards and olive trees are at about 400 meters above sea level surrounded by woods.

The farm is dedicated to the organic cultivation of the typical red grape varieties Cesanese, Olivella and of the white Passerina.

Casale della Ioria also produces extra virgin olive oil exclusively from its own olive trees.

The plants of grapes that are used come from the original vines of this antique farm.
Casale della Ioria
Year after year we have followed the replanting of the vineyards. We believe that in order to make a great natural wine, one must work with great care and attention to the vineyard, using low environmental impact techniques. These challenging actions under a strict economic and organizational profile have allowed us to harvest, by hand, grapes of the highest quality that we then transform in our winery.
Casale della Ioria
Here is where we place the utmost care in safeguarding of the cluster, employing simple but strictly enforced techniques and at the same time avoiding invasive procedures which risk the loss of the originality in our grapes. In turn, this allows us to offer unique wines which continue to surprise and excite the fans of natural wine.
Casale della Ioria